The architectural space in the Van Phuc model ecological urban area is planned in harmony when devoting 60% of the area to public constructions, water surfaces, and trees. You can easily come across the park sub-areas - space interference, balancing between modern architecture of  townhouses and vast nature.

Starting in early 2019, after the construction period, Van Phuc Park 1 ( with more than 4000m2) has been completed and put into use by the end of 2019 with items like: Swimming pool (adult pool and children pool), clubhouse, children's playground, greenery, and promenade, bringing a green space for residents of Van Phuc urban area.


Reasonably allocated on a total area of ​​198ha, the internal parks of Van Phuc City are magnificently designed with modern architecture. Green plants and flowers are dotted in an open space.

Royal Garden Park with a total area of ​​over 2000 m2, including green park items, clubhouse, and outdoor children play area. In particular, the green park is designed to integrate with the multi-purpose event areafor family and friends gatherings ...


As one of the key goals of Van Phuc Real Estate Group, focusing on building and completing utilities have always been a top priority. Pearl Garden Park is part of 15-internalparks-system, invested with items such as  green park, clubhouse, outdoor children play area, and fitness area. This is an impressive highlight for being a space that balances between modern architecture of town houses and vast nature.


EMASI stands for words including: English, Mathematics, Art, Sports, and Information Technology (IT); these are also typical subjects of the school. EMASI is a specialized school, which focuses on students' experiences, joys and achievements, so all students must take an entrance exam. EMISA aims to create opportunities for students to develop comprehensive skills and prepare individual for the academic, social, emotional and moral competencies of globalization. 

The school provides International Program based on Cambridge Curriculum, students have enhanced English language proficiency to ensure they are fluent in English.


In Van Phuc city, modern amenities are advantages that are highly appreciated by customers. One of them is Ngo Thoi Nhiem Kindergarten. The architecture of this school is based on the unique ideas of the combination of energy saving, prioritize the use of natural resources such as sunlight, wind, etc. in order to make the best use of tropical climate.  

With 3-storey building on 4000 square meters land, Ngo Thoi Nhiem Kindergarten will be an ideal educational environment that parents feel secure and humorous for children to learn.


The Long Park is like a soft and smooth blue ribbon of 3.4 km long, gently embracing the whole Van Phuc City, bringing in itself diverse landscapes; spacious walkways that are straight and winding; overhead walking bridge; sprinklers ... creating joy and relaxed public space for people of all ages.


Like a pitched note sprinkled on the calming music of the longest riverside park in Ho Chi Minh City- Dragon Bay Marina is one of the iconic constructions that are very interested by investor and cared for by experienced designers and architects, creating romantic and harmonious scenes with the overall..

Let’s Dragon Bay Marina bring you joy and happiness by the beautiful sunset by Saigon River – Premium exclusive privileges for the upper class

Let’s Dragon Bay Marina bring you and your friends a very fun an exciting experience on weekend gatherings


Song Trang canal with 2 km length, is both the connection, the rotation of the prosperity and fortune for customers who favored river landscapes.


Located at the heart of Van Phuc city, with views of the Saigon River and Ocean World Ho Chi Minh Amusement Park, Riverside Shopping Center will become the new icon of the area. Shopping mall is a chain of mixed-use complexes which consists of many sections: five-star food court, high-end shopping options, clubhouse, tennis court, large screen cinemas, kid zone and game & entertainment center. Van Phuc shopping mall is designed to give all residents the best experience as possible.


International standard healthcare system with general Hospital, scale about 350 beds, 17 specialties, most advanced equipments, modern imaging facilities and diagnostic equipment, providing leading medical and healthcare quality for you and your family


Dai Nhat Lake is a blue pearl in the heart of Van Phuc city. In the dry season, the lake looks like a giant mirror, reflecting the sparkling sunlight that is like the attraction light of the gems

At night, residents and visitors will enjoy the spectacular water music shows. The beautiful symphony of dancing fountain jets, colourful visual projections, advanced lasers, and lava and mist effects — all things create a beautiful picture. Dai Nhat square will become an attractive destination to take a lifetime.



In addition to modern internal amenities, you can easily reach to external amenities around Van Phuc city such as:

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