Golden Shophouse


Golden shophouse with the two street facades of 7m-9m have known as the best solution in finding a space that is worthy for the brand name, bringing a new and classy appearance to large businesses in the development process and expand the scale of business

This is a planning solution that is highly appreciated and selected by reputation businesses. Not only has a spacious front, airy and luxurious, Golden Shophouse also has a semi-classical architecture of 4-5-6 floors and an using area ​​up to 500-600m2.



Golden shophouse located on the most beautiful location in Van Phuc city, along the two arterial roads  Nguyen Thi Nhung street (35m) and Dinh Thi Thi street (30m), connecting from 13 Highway to the roads along the Saigon River. In adjacent to Ho Chi Minh Ocean World Park and the Central mall, creating the most crowed and prosperous commercial streets




* Customers will get 3% of total contract value at the handover time with condition that the customer pays on time according to the contract’s payment schedule 

1. Payment schedule

+ Deposite: 500 million dong
+ 1st installment: Pay 25% of the total contract value within 10 days from the deposit date
+ From 2nd to 13rd installment: Pay monthly 4% of the total contract value
+ From 14th to 17th installment: Pay monthly 5% of the total contract value  
+  18th installment: Pay monthly 5% of the total contract value and handover*

2. Sales Policy

Customers who take the deal successfully in March 2020 will:
• Get the discount of  300 million  dong (deducted  from the contract value)
• Participate in the lucky draw with extremely valuable gifts according to the sales policy (attached).

3 / Payment policy

• Customers who pay full  98% of the total contract value  within 30 days from signing contract date will get discount of 9% per total payment value 
( Not deducted  from the contract value. Customer will sign the appendix)

*  2% of the remaining contract, customers will pay when receiving the certificate of land.
** The policy is valid until the end of March 31, 2020.

• Unfurnished hand-over, finishing the outside of the house
• Customers who purchase the second apartment will receive of Voucher of 50 million dong.



Golden Shophouse