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Khu đô Thị Vạn Phúc


For many centuries, the Saigon River has been an important waterway for transportation , keeping the impressionin the culture of Saigon - Gia Dinh.

At present, Saigon is a witness to the prosperous development with a series of riverside projects – the pride of the City. Three sides were embraced by the Saigon River,  Van Phuc City  consists of luxurious living space and impeccable facilities that not only bring new value for this historic river but also help it to retain its natural charm.



Living within the busy and exciting pace of Ho Chi Minh City, one of 20 most active cities in the world, people are always looking for a livable green space in which tradition, modernity, activity and peace are mixed consistently; they look for a living space which can show their distinct personality.

With that in mind,  Van Phuc City  was built with our heart.  We understand that a house is not only the place to live, but also is the place to nurture dreams and be investment opportunity for n ext generations

For these reasons, Dai Phuc Group planned to build Van Phuc City with our hearts and minds as a unique living space, a symbol of a young city and a sustainable development along the glorious Saigon River.


Now, Van Phuc is one of the foremost residential cities, with the largest scale in the inner Saigon urban area generally and in Thu Duc District specifically. With a 198-acre parcel, Van Phuc utilizes 60% of its area for waterfront scenery, trees and dozens of premier internal facilities which are normally only used in large projects that are far from downtown Saigon.  With everything internalized to the development, the needs of our residents will be fulfilled with premier services available just outside your front door.

It is considered a rare project  whichwas planned pursuant to the green estate model and thus there are 60% of its parcel for waterfront appearance, green scenery and an internal facility system.  Including a 21-acre Ocean World Ho Chi Minh Park, a 12-acre scenic pool area in the heart of the project, a park along a riverside with a length of 3.4 km and a scenic canal with a length of 2 km, Van Phuc provides a relaxing space for all ages including walking, fitness and activities for the community and also ensures long-term added value for its investors.

Besides scenic element, Van Phuc invests a premier trading center, food court, fitness center, tennis court, cinemas, entertainment center, a system of 10 kindergarten schools and secondary schools, internationally standardized hospital and more, it proves that  Van Phuc City  always respects the value of living standards.


WithEuropean and contemporary architecture, Van Phuc City connects an active life and a peaceful life; it embraces modernity and tradition consistently.

For example, you and your family can sit down together and enjoy a simpler living style in the Northern section with a green park on the riverside.  You can have endless fun with your children, or sit side by side and listen to the rhythm of the water, or have a high-class trip at the premier canoe station.  There are also busy shopping activities and commercial streets located in the other sections of the residential complex.

There are many interesting experiences waiting for you and your family to enjoy every day.

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