For many centuries, the Saigon River has been an important waterway for transportation , keeping the impressionin the culture of Saigon - Gia Dinh .

At present, Saigon is a witness to the prosperous development with a series of riverside projects – the pride of the City. Three sides were embraced by the Saigon River, Van Phuc City consists of luxurious living space and impeccable facilities that not only bring new value for this historic river but also help it to retain its natural charm.

Total Space

198 000 ha

Located on Highway 13, with three sides embraced by the Saigon River and the distance of approximately 1 km from Binh Trieu Bridge, Van Phuc City is considered to be a strategic economic point of Thu Duc District.  Within 6km radius from Van Phuc, It can connect smoothly to neighboring economic areas by Highway 1A or Pham Van Dong Avenue with only 5-7 minutes  of movement.  Specifically, the Southeast region is in the right of project, the West is in the left, front of the project is the Highland, and at the back of it is luxuriant center of Saigon City.   

Besides, transporation from Van Phuc City will become even more convenient when works such as Metro 3B, North–South Railway, Saigon River Waterway and a new Mien Dong Bus Terminal in District 9 are completed.

Van Phuc City is the best project causing the change ofThu Duc’s facing, improving the investment development, satisfying the need of  accommodation and investment.With Van Phuc City, you can spend more time for your family’ healthcare and enjoy your life every day.


Arising from the endless inspiration of green appearance and water, Van Phuc brings nature to all corners of the residential city through a 2-km Moon River.  The modern life and peaceful green space motif utilizing green trees and water appearances brings good luck, transforms wealth, provides good health for ...

Covering a 3.4-km green area, Van Phuc City provides an active and gentle atmosphere – a modern but peaceful life.  This includes a relaxing space, a playground for everyone, walking areas, fitness facilities and common activities for the community.

You will have romantic time to enjoy the charming beauty of the Saigon River at night.  In the near future, the canoe station of  Van Phuc City will become a destination of high class when waterway travel is developed.

Located at the heart of Van Phuc City with a view of the Saigon River and Ocean World Ho Chi Minh Park, the Trade Center will become a new symbol of the area.  With a composition of trading center along the riverside, entertainment, cuisine, clubhouse, tennis courts, the most modern cinemas, ...

Van Phuc Hospital has an internationally standardized healthcare system, with 350 beds and 17 units with innovative equipment and modern facilities.  This hospital will provide high-quality healthcare for you and your family members.

As an integral part of a youthful and active city, Van Phuc City does not forget to bring the best for future generations.

An educational system from kindergartens to high schools is available within the residence.  This system was built according to prestigious models and utilizes advanced teaching programs, ...



Based on the most beautiful avenues connecting Highway 13 and the heart of Van Phuc Residence, our commercial town-houses perfectly combine residential and business styles and bring four values in one house: asset accumulation, profit-driven investment, leasing and residing..

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